Natural Rubber SVR CV50


Natural Rubber SVR CV50 is widely recognized as a premium-grade natural rubber product that offers exceptional quality and performance. It is a popular choice for various industries due to its specific standards and specifications. Let’s explore the detailed specifications of SVR CV50:


Dirt Content (retained on 45-micron sieve) (max % wt): The dirt content in SVR CV50 is strictly controlled to ensure high purity. With a maximum allowable dirt content of 0.02% by weight, SVR CV50 exhibits excellent cleanliness and purity, meeting the industry standards.

Ash Content (max % wt): The ash content of SVR CV50 is carefully regulated to maintain its quality. With a maximum ash content of 0.40% by weight, SVR CV50 ensures low impurity levels and enhances its suitability for various applications.


Nitrogen Content (max % wt): SVR CV50 adheres to stringent nitrogen content requirements. With a maximum nitrogen content of 0.60% by weight, SVR CV50 maintains optimal properties and purity, ensuring its reliability for diverse applications.


Volatile Matter (max % wt): The volatile matter content in SVR CV50 is closely monitored to ensure stability and consistency. With a maximum volatile matter content of 0.80% by weight, SVR CV50 exhibits low volatility, enhancing its usability in different industries.


Initial Wallace Plasticity (Po) (min): The initial Wallace plasticity is an important parameter that determines the workability and processing characteristics of SVR CV50. While the specific minimum value is not specified, SVR CV50 is formulated to possess an optimal initial plasticity level to facilitate processing and molding operations.


Plasticity Retention Index (PRI) ((P30/Po) x 100) (min): The Plasticity Retention Index (PRI) is a measure of SVR CV50’s ability to retain its plasticity over time. With a minimum PRI of 60, SVR CV50 demonstrates excellent plasticity retention, ensuring its suitability for extended use in various applications.


Lovinbond Color Index (max): SVR CV50 exhibits a desirable color index, reflecting its high quality and aesthetic appeal. While there is no specified maximum value for the Lovinbond Color Index, SVR CV50 is renowned for its consistent and visually appealing color properties.


Mooney Viscosity ML(1’+4’)100°C: Mooney viscosity is a key characteristic that indicates the flow and processing properties of SVR CV50. With a targeted Mooney viscosity of 60±5 at ML(1’+4’)100°C, SVR CV50 offers optimal processing conditions, ensuring efficient manufacturing and processing operations.


These detailed specifications demonstrate the exceptional quality and performance of Natural Rubber SVR CV50. With its controlled dirt and ash content, low volatility, optimal plasticity retention, and desirable Mooney viscosity, SVR CV50 is highly sought after for its versatility and reliability in various industries.



(Test Method)

Dirt content (retained on 45 micron sieve) (max % wt)0.02

TCVN 6089: 2004

(ISO 249: 1995)

Ash content (max % wt)0.40

TCVN 6087: 2004

(ISO 247: 1990)

Nitrogen content (max % wt)0.60

TCVN 6091: 2004

(ISO 1656: 1996)

Volatile matter (max % wt)0.80

TCVN 6088: 2004

(ISO 248: 1991)

Initial wallace plasticity (Po) (min)

TCVN 6092-2: 2004

(ISO 2007: 1991)

Plasticity retention index (PRI)(P30/Po) x 100 (min)60

TCVN 6092-1: 2004

(ISO 2930: 1995)

Lovinbond color index (max)

TCVN 6093 : 2004

(ISO 4660: 1999)

Mooney viscocity ML (1’+ 4’) 100oC60±5

TCVN 6090 : 2004

(ISO 289-1: 1994)

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