There are three kinds of packing:

          1. In loose bale: each rubber bale wrapped in PE bag, the size of each bag is 1000mm x 580 mm with unremarkable weight, transparent white, thickness of 0.03mm à 0.04mm, melting point not over 109oC.

                    Specification: 33.33 kgs or 35 kgs net for each bale, 600 (20 mts) or 630(21 mts) loose bales stuffed in each 20’container

          2. In wooden pallets: 36 rubber bales are piled under 6 layers in wooden pallet box which is assured no termite, mold, with the dimension of 1425 mm x 1100 mm x 1067 mm. 2 PE sheets with blear white are lined in pallets, covered whole six sides of pallet. Each one is belted by cask hoop.

                   Specification: 1,200 kg or 1,260 kg net & 1,300 kgs or 1,360 gross per pallet, 16 wooden pallets stuffed in each 20’container.

          3. In shrink wrap pallets: 36 loose bales soled by wooden pallets and shrinked by thick PE sheets.

                    Specification: 1,200 kg or 1,260 kg net & 1,240 kg or 1,300 kg gross per pallet, 16 pallets stuffed in each 20’container.