“KHOI NGUYEN RUBBER was established in 2001; we was the one of Biggest and Reliable Supplier for All Types of Natural Rubber: SVR CV60, SVR CV50, SVR3L, SVR10, SVR20, RSS3, RSS1 and especially Latex HA/LA 60% DRC”

Since foundation date, our crucial objectives are global going. So far we have overseas professional partners to delivery our products world wide. Especially for Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hungary, India, Russia, Syria, and some of other EU, Africa countries market


Khoi Nguyen has also set up a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, it will make sure our customers to receive the first class services, and improve it when possible.


More than a trader, the year end of 2007 was our important moment when we decided to set up a new factory to supply high quality product to Japanese and Europe client who requires very high quality product as Just Co, Mistsui, Mitshubishi, Itochu, Marubeni. This is a link to get to other high class orders, leading to our further affirmation as a reliable partner.


Our company manufactured and exported specially all NATURAL RUBBER such as: SVR CV50, SVR CV60, RSS1, RSS3, SVR3L, SVR5, SVR10, SVR20, Natural Rubber Latex HA/LA 60% DRC etc. We look forward to the full satisfaction of our customers, always providing excellent quality products and the after-sales service necessary to ensure the good performance of our products.


Our Values: Honestly and Reliability, Innovation, Teamwork Social and Ethical Responsibility, Commitment and Perseverance” We are pleased to do business with all good customers to bring our products to your countries.

“Helping your customers to get the good quality products”

Khoi Nguyen