Natural Rubber SVR 20




SVR 20 (TSR 20) is produced from secondary latex, so the nature of rubber is hard. But when using this rubber mixed with RSS, CV50 and Latex will produce very good products, especially meeting the basic requirements of tire technology.

The raw material for processing this rubber is secondary latex (latex, cup, latex) they are mixed together in a suitable proportion to create quality products.

The different nature from the raw materials used to process this type of rubber requires a more rigorous quality control than classes derived from latex (SVR L, CV). The production of rubber crumb from rubber latex takes a lot of steps: preliminary washing of materials, chopping, shredding (reducing size), drying …


SVR 0 (TSR 20) has the nature of hardness. Therefore, in tire technology, rubber is mixed with low-level RSS and CV50 to produce high quality products.

In addition, it is combined with grades from latex to create a GP (general purpose) product that meets the basic requirements of tire technology.

Other applications include: tire repair industry, anti-shock cushioning products, railway rubber.